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Christine Hassler provides you with practical tools and spiritual principles to help you overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back. Each episode, Christine coaches callers live on the air offering them inspiration and guidance to heal their past, change their present and create what they really want. Topics include: relationships, career, health, transitions, finances, life purpose, spirituality and whatever else callers have questions about. Christine coaches "regular people" on problems – and opportunities - we all face. It's a show that reminds you that you are not alone, while also teaching things you can implement in your own life.
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Jan 6, 2016

Our physical body ages naturally with time, but our emotional development is much more complex. Our minds have the ability to leave situations unfinished – anticipating that a resolution will appear eventually. When this happens, we get stuck by reliving our hurts and challenges over and over again until we are mentally ready to deal with these emotions. 

Becoming comfortable with our own vulnerability is how we heal this unfinished business. We can start by reassuring ourselves that it’s okay, it’s over, and it’s safe now. It’s okay to stop creating distractions that only serve to move us farther and farther away from the healing of our core wounds. Healing starts with self-love and it always comes back to our relationship with our self.

Today’s caller, Jenna, believes she is struggling with consistency issues.  She quickly realizes that she may be manifesting physical health problems; and living the life of an overachiever to gain the attention and love she didn’t receive as a teenager. 

Jenna is asking for help, which is a clear sign she is ready to get over it and on with it. A relationship that is free of judgement and filled with compassion, like the relationship with a coach, will help her to continue on her personal development journey and reinforce the relationship she needs to build with her younger self. 


Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • When it comes to dealing with challenging issues, do you analyze the issues to try to figure them out rather than feeling and processing these things fully? How do you handle your emotions?
  • If you spoke with your friends in the same way you speak to yourself would you have any friends?
  • Do you get frustrated with your personal growth? When you make progress do you tend to backtrack, creating an endless loop? 


Jenna’s Question:

Jenna is struggling to get to the root of her consistency issues regarding her health and wellness and wants to know how to stay on track.


Jenna’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She didn’t feel safe or secure in her youth
  • Her health has become a distraction
  • She doesn’t have to manifest health issues to get love and attention
  • It’s easier to act outwardly than to reflect inwardly


How to get over it and on with it:

  • Jenna should encourage her younger self 
  • She should take care of her emotional body as well as her physical body
  • She should parent herself in the way she wanted to be parented
  • Look in the mirror with one hand on her heart and the other on her stomach and say something kind to herself
  • Have a vulnerability conversation with her counselor


Tools and Takeaways:

  • Listen to Episode 16, Why our parents trigger us (no matter what our age) , on Parenting
  • Identify the distractions and coping strategies you adopt to keep yourself from feeling emotions or pain
  • Develop a relationship with your younger self by writing a letter to reassure him or her that it is over
  • Start each day connecting with yourself in the mirror and saying encouraging things
  • Practice vulnerability with people in your life
  • Continue in your personal development and if you aren’t growing you may need to make some changes



Christine Hassler

Expectation Hangover 

Brene Brown

The Gifts of Imperfection

Daring Greatly



Dec 31, 2015

Happy New Year! This is a guided visualization and meditation that will support you in completing this year and consciously creating the next. In this twelve minute journey, I guide you through identifying the lessons and blessings from the last year so that you can clearly envision and begin creating what you’d like to experience in the coming year. This is especially great to listen to around the New Year but you can listen to it anytime of year to complete your past, focus on your present and create your future. Set some time aside to gift yourself with this process. Sending you love for a prosperous and joyful New Year.

Dec 30, 2015

This episode is about getting over what you didn’t get from a parent (or parents).

There is no manual for living. Sometimes we just need to ask for help from our spiritual guide and then direct all of our energy towards the life we truly desire. There will be times when we get frustrated and angry with ourselves and other people. It’s OK, it happens. We are all human, right?

Well, even our parents are human. Many of us have trouble accepting our parents as individuals outside of the role they play in our lives. We put our own expectations on them to try to fill the safety and security voids we perceived when we were separated from God during birth.

We often long for a love our parents are unable to give us. We need to recognize that just because they are older, it doesn’t mean their ability to love has changed. They love us in the best way they know how.

Today’s caller, Samantha uses self-criticism to protect herself from her pain. She is accustomed to holding herself to higher standards because she coaches others through their life journeys.  She is still holding on to her childhood anger over not feeling loved and acknowledged by her father. 

We work through her responsibility to re-parent herself, free herself through a spiritual practice and look at her father with compassionate eyes. 

If you are a woman who is having difficulty processing your anger, read the Emotional section of my book, Expectation Hangover. Try the temper tantrum technique, it may sound silly, but it really works.

Time slots have opened up for coaching sessions in January. If you are interested in a one-on-one session with me, sign up here Coaching with Christine.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel you are aware of your past and relationship with your parents, but that nothing is changing in your present?
  • Are you a self-help coach and hold yourself to a higher standard, believing you should know better?
  • Are you still longing for something you didn’t get from your parents? Do you experience an Expectation Hangover because your parents haven’t changed like you had hoped?
  • Are you irritable and short tempered with others, but know that isn’t who you are in your heart? 


Samantha’s Question:

Samantha wants to know how to stop being hard on other people. She finds herself feeling and doing things she doesn’t feel comfortable with, but she doesn’t understand why.


Samantha’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She feels she needs to protect herself
  • She is angry and may be bypassing her spirit
  • She’s projecting expectations on her Father that he cannot live up to
  • The same pattern keeps showing up in her life
  • She is worthy of her father’s love


How to get over it and on with it:

  • Sam should give herself permission to be who she is
  • She can realize coaching people isn’t about saving them
  • She shouldn’t be lazy when it comes to her spiritual practice
  • She should put her energy into the direction she wants to head towards


Tools and Takeaways:

  • What are you still hoping for from your parent?
  • How can you see your parents through compassionate eyes? What is their human story?
  • Write a letter to your parents letting them off the hook. Don’t send it, but use it as a way to let the issue go. 
  • What are ways you can parent yourself to give yourself what you need?
  • Start your spiritual practice now. Ask for help and it will come.



Christine Hassler

Expectation Hangover 

Liberate yourself at my Winter Retreat January 8-10th



Dec 23, 2015

True freedom is fulfilling and it is not about getting whatever you want. Freedom is about being fully and authentically self-expressed. Often our identities are created based on how others define us and not who we truly are. We may become imprisoned by other people’s opinions.

When we have been suppressed or restricted, we do not feel free and may rebel with self-sabotaging behavior. This may lead to reactive and unnecessary risks that do not serve us.  Some risks, however, are intuitive and proactive. These types of risk can lead us to necessary growth.

Today’s caller, Jessica, doesn’t understand why she isn’t doing the things she should be doing. She relies on other people’s expectations and judgments and doesn’t feel worthy or deserving of her dreams.

She is dealing with issues of her own self-worth while trying to live up to society’s outcome addicted focus.

When we realize it is all about truth and love, we bring ourselves into alignment with our core values. It is then we can appreciate that our raw, authentic self is absolutely perfect.

* Can you list the top 5 core values that are the compass for your life? You should be clear about what they are. If you need help, the process to find them is detailed in my book, Expectation Hangover.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you engaging in any rebellious or sabotaging behavior?
  • Do you start to freak out when you get what you want?
  • Do you feel free or suppressed and constricted?
  • Have you taken risks in life or do you play it safe?
  • Do you know what you should be doing, but take actions contrary to your goal?

Jessica’s Question:

Jessica wants to know why she makes the “wrong” decisions when she knows what the right decision should be, and why she sabotages herself while trying to attain her goals.

Jessica’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She has a war going on in her brain
  • She grew up with very strict rules
  • She doesn’t take risks
  • She doesn’t feel free
  • She always did the right thing even if she didn’t want to
  • She has difficulty breaking away from her ex-husband’s criticism
  • She wants to set a good example for her son

How to get over it and on with it:

  • Find a way for your inner rebel to be satiated
  • Give yourself permission to go after what you want
  • Acknowledge who you are apart from what you’ve been told
  • Stop carrying around old stories
  • Honor your heartfelt desires

Tools and Takeaways:

  • Write about your inner rebel
    • Describe your inner rebel
    • How does it act?
    • What behaviors does it engage in?
  • Write your definition of freedom
  • Write down ways you may be restricting yourself
  • Write down ways you could be authentically self-expressed
  • What is one tangible action step you can take toward being more authentically self-expressed?


Christine Hassler

Expectation Hangover 

The Big Leap


Dec 21, 2015

Happy Holidays!! This is a beautiful and sweet time of year, which can bring forward so many feelings and experiences. Some of you may be absolutely blissful – you love this season and are in a place of peace. Others of you may be really struggling this time of year.  Perhaps you feel alone. Or family dynamics are challenging. And some may be feeling a mix of both. You have moments of peace and joy and other moments of loneliness, anxiety or even sadness. Wherever you are is okay.  Please remove the expectation that your holidays are supposed to be any certain way – otherwise you will just keep waking up with an expectation hangover! My intention in sharing this meditation with you today is to remind you about what is most important not only this time of year but in every moment of every day, which is LOVE.

Dec 19, 2015

Regret. We’ve all felt it at some point. Some of you are feeling it right now and you are suffering because of it. Something did or did not happen the way you wanted. You did or didn’t do something the way you wished you would have. And you want more than anything to be able to rewind time and get a do-over. You’ve replayed scenarios over and over in your head thinking of all the things you could have done or said. You’re trapped in a shoulda/coulda/woulda perspective and it’s a miserable place to be, isn’t it? As much as you are aware that regret is a miserable place to hang out in, you cannot seem to be free of it. But I have good news: liberation from regret is 100% possible!! And it is essential to your well-being that you commit to letting go of regret. In this Coaches Corner, I explain how.  Listen closely to this episode…or you’ll regret it! ;)

Dec 16, 2015

Seasons change and so do we. We all have expectations as to how our lives should be, what our family should think of us and how we will feel after making a big change.


When we cannot come to terms with the decisions we have made, we experience regret and consequently an Expectation Hangover. But regret is useless and we often beat ourselves up over nothing. We cannot move forward by living in regret.


What if instead of suffering from regret, we found peace and experienced connection by reprogramming our unconscious mind to fully accept the decisions we have made? What if instead of dwelling on the past, we fully opened ourselves to receiving all the gifts in the present?


In today’s call, Jenny is uncertain about her decision to move, in order to be closer to her family. She is having difficulty creating her new life, because she is stuck in her old one. She is also physically sick from the stress. She thinks geography may be a factor, but we discover she may need to stop pushing against the change and allow things to happen.


Taking a step back and seeing the impression her indecisiveness is leaving on her children, might be the key that helps Jenny to accept the decisions she has made and to move forward towards creating the story she wants to tell.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Is there a recent decision you made you currently regret?
  • Are you in a situation where you think that changing things is the answer to your problems?
  • Are you feeling physically drained and apathetic?
  • Are you an adventure junkie?
  • Are you a parent and feel it's important to make your child feel safe and secure?


Jenny’s Question:

Jenny is making herself physically sick and tired, because she regrets moving a long distance to be closer to her family and would like to know how to get over it and on with it.


Jenny’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She is living half in Wyoming and half in Wisconsin
  • Her fatigue is a signal from her body
  • Self-judgment is sucking her dry
  • She's stuttering on decisions


How to get over it and on with it:

  • Fully accept the reasons for making previous decisions
  • Be fully present wherever you are
  • Begin a spiritual practice such as yoga and/or meditation
  • Create the feeling you are missing
  • Learn to live more inside out and less outside in
  • Embody safety and acceptance
  • Create a community where you are


Tools and Takeaways:

  • Write out a list of emotions you want to feel and generate them, reorient yourself from inside out
  • Write out these 3 things:

              ○   The reasons why it was the best decision you could have made, given the information you had

              ○   The reasons why you feel safe and secure

              ○   The reasons why you can trust yourself

  • Collect evidence about the story you want to tell
  • Inspect your health problem to see if it could be a lack of self-love; also check out "Choosing me before we” for in-depth analysis
  • Examine what you are teaching your children, they feel your energy



Christine Hassler

Expectation Hangover 


Coaching Corner - Getting Over Regret

Choosing ME Before WE - Christine Hassler

Dec 12, 2015

Courage. It’s a desirable quality to have and an empowering way to be. Our heroes and inspirational leaders are labeled courageous.  We are told throughout our life to “be courageous,” but that isn’t always easy. In fact, courage is often one of the most difficult qualities to truly integrate. Why is being courageous not as easy to embody as the heroes make it look in the movies?  There are two main reasons.  First, being courageous means being willing to face fear and embrace uncertainty.  YIKES! We don’t like being scared or not knowing what is ahead.  Second, most of us do not truly understand what courage really means.    In this coaches corner, Christine shares how to become more courageous and go after the things in life that scare us.

Dec 9, 2015

Absolute certainty is rare. If you are waiting to be absolutely certain before making a decision, you may find yourself spinning in confusion.

Today’s session is with Marie, who believes she is ready to make big changes in her life, but fear and unresolved issues from a recent break-up are keeping her from taking the first step. She is distracting herself by considering multiple changes at once and it’s depleting her energy. 

When we fear something we create roadblocks for ourselves. Roadblocks can be waiting for certainty, attempting to move forward before dealing with issues from the past and talking a lot about what we want, but not taking the first steps to get to it.

Marie realizes she may be lingering on open issues from a past relationship. She needs closure before she is able to move forward, but she’s unsure of how to get past the breakup. We work through how Marie can use her inner wisdom to remove the residue from the past and pursue her career dreams with a clear mind.

When we accept change and allow it to happen, we discover our challenges are leading us somewhere. 

Read the emotional and mental chapters of the treatment plan in my book, Expectation Hangover, to gain a deeper understanding on grieving and closure.

If you want to get unstuck join me on January 8th - 10th for my “for women only” Winter Retreat.  


Consider/Ask Yourself:

Are you waiting to do something until you are completely sure?

Are you attempting to make too many decisions at once and not making progress on any of them?

Are you a creative person who feels the need to do everything all at once?

Are you still wanting something from a previous relationship and are unable to move on until you get it?


Marie’s Question:

Marie feels she is in a rut and wants to make a big move, including getting over her last relationship. She is a motivated person but has a fear of moving forward.


Marie’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She wants to feel certain about something before she moves forward
  • She’s trying to do too many things at once
  • She’s making a reactive choice and not a proactive one 
  • She needs other people’s opinions
  • Listening to her intuition will help her move on


How to get over it and on with it:

  • Clean up old residue first before moving forward
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Own the part you played in the relationship
  • Listen to your intuition


Tools and Takeaways:

  • Focus on the problem or the question you don’t want to deal with first 
  • A closure conversation or letter should include
    • ○ What you learned
    • ○ What you are grateful for
    • ○ What you forgive the other person for
    • ○ What you forgive yourself for
    • ○ Acknowledge the other person
    • ○ A thank you and a goodbye



Christine Hassler


2016 Winter Retreat

Expectation Hangover


Dec 5, 2015

Are you carrying around an unspoken question or assumption about something? Did someone do something or behave in a way that stumped (and possibly hurt) you but you haven’t had the guts to ask them about it? Are you being a wee bit wimpy when it comes to speaking your truth? I see so many people suffer under our own assumptions, pretend everything is fine, and take things personally rather than just having the chutzpha to be real, raw and vulnerable with another person. In today’s coaches corner I give you tips for mustering up the courage to take action and actually say what you need (and want) to say.

Dec 2, 2015

If you have ever dealt with the pain of rejection, this episode will help!  Perhaps you’ve heard, “Rejection is God’s Protection” but the process of rejection feels pretty awful until we learn what it is really about. Our caller today, Alex, has courageously opened up to another person and shared her truth with them. But the other person did not reciprocate her feelings. She asks me how she can get over her heartbreak and rejection and get on with her life. 

If you have ever felt the pain of rejection or find yourself in an avoidance trap, listen to the tips I give Alex at the end of our call. You can also find resources in my book, Expectation Hangover, to help heal yourself. 

We also talk about speaking our truth - which takes takes courage. We ponder on how our message will be received; but if we believe in our truth, there is value in getting it out into the world.  

When our truth needs to be told to another person and they don’t realize the outcome we are hoping for we often take it personally. We perceive their response as if something is wrong with us or we did something wrong.

Our fear of the possible rejection is an avoidance trap. An avoidance trap is spending our time and energy avoiding what we don’t want rather than working towards what we do want.

By understanding that we consistently attract experiences to help us heal our core wounds, we realize rejection doesn’t really exist. It is merely a projection of unowned, unseen qualities inside us.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

What are you construing perceived rejection to mean about you?

What was so attractive about the person or situation you feel didn’t choose you?

Is there someone you have feelings for but are too scared to tell them?

Has something upset you but you don’t have the guts to speak your truth?


Alex’s Question:

Alex wants to know how to best handle the heartbreak and rejection she is feeling after telling someone she loves them and finding out the feelings are not mutual.  


Alex’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She struggles with feeling as though she didn’t fit in while growing up
  • She feels she gave away her power
  • She is learning to read people
  • She realizes she is stronger than she thought she was
  • She doesn’t need to look outside herself for her worthiness


How to get over it and on with it:

  • Don’t look to others to find your own worth
  • Trust your desires and have faith
  • Be kind to yourself during this time


Tools and Takeaways:

  • Let go of anger and resentment - Empty out your “negative” emotions in a letter and then rip it up
  • Write a goodbye letter you don’t intend to mail that includes:
    • ○ I’m saying goodbye because …
    • ○ I learned from you …
    • ○ I thank you for …
    • ○ I forgive myself for …
    • ○ I forgive myself for ...
    • Say what you need to say - Speak to the person even if they are not there
    • Set boundaries with yourself and move on
    • Engage in activities that encourage self-acceptance
    • Do a positive projection exercise



Christine Hassler

Expectation Hangover 



Nov 26, 2015

I love the week of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. because gratitude is on everyone’s mind. Cultivating a consciousness of gratitude is a spiritual practice – it’s a MUST for anyone who is committed to living a life of love. Plus, when we are aware of what we do have, we are a lot less inclined to obsess about all the things we don’t (and have fewer expectation hangovers!). Enjoying this special Coaches Corner from me where the focus is on gratitude.

Nov 24, 2015

This special episode has two career coaching sessions, the first with Nick and the second with Lindsey. Both Nick and Lindsey are searching for a way to use their passions and to share their gifts with the world.

Nick’s session focuses on his spirituality and whether or not his current position allows him to elevate the consciousness of others with his law practice.

Lindsey’s session concentrates on her transitions and her indecisiveness around using her creativity to reach her end goal.

Lessons from both calls are that we don’t need to leave jobs that are not creative enough; we can be creative and passionate in our current situations. If we honor where we are now by embracing our passions and our spirituality, we will end up spreading light to others.

If you yearn to make more of an impact in your work life, drastic changes to satiate your desires are unnecessary and often cause additional discomfort.

Increasing our vibrations will make everything we do a more spiritual experience.

Coaching Session #1 - Nick

While Listening to this Call Consider/Ask Yourself:
Do you feel a calling to make an impact?
Are you in a job that does not seem spiritual enough and you feel inclined towards doing something different?
Do you feel like you are compromising and paying your dues now in order to gain financial security?
Are you actively spreading light where you are or are you waiting for better circumstances?

Nick’s Question:
Nick wants to integrate spirituality into his current life but doesn’t want to break his life to fix it.

Nick’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● He may be a light worker in the subtle sense
● He doesn’t have to change what he’s doing to make a difference
● He could focus on being and interacting with people

How Nick can get over it and on with it:
● Honor his calling to spread light through his existing work
● Bring more consciousness into what he is doing
● Try deepening his vibration when communicating with others in his work
● Try the 25/5 rule of working for 25 minutes and taking 5 to do something you enjoy doing

Tools and Takeaways:
● Become dedicated to your spiritual practice in your work
● Consider bringing beauty into your work environment
● Ask God on a daily basis to use you and pay attention to opportunities that may arise from it
● Implement practices that reconnect you to your higher power


Coaching Session #2 - Lindsey

While Listening to this Call Consider/Ask Yourself:
● Do you feel apathetic or stuck in your current career?
● Are you craving more creativity and passion in your life?
● Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to figure everything out at once?

Lindsey’s Question:
Lindsey is having a hard time figuring out if her job transition was the right thing to do and if she should continue investing in her passion, music.

Lindsey’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● She loves helping children with crafts
● She needs more of the creative aspect in her job
● She should focus on the next steps and not the end goal

How Lindsey can get over it and on with it:
● Lindsey could listen to her intuition in order to be more creative
● She should honor this phase of her life
● Ask her higher power to show her the people and situations she can serve

Tools and Takeaways:
● Ask yourself what is the next step, not the end goal
● Honor where you are and allow your passions to unfold
● Don’t expect a job to make you feel creative or passionate


Christine Hassler


Nov 21, 2015

There seems to be a lot to worry in life that we cannot control everything. But worrying is a HUGE drain of your energy and completely useless so in this Coaches Corner, Christine offers you a way to stop worrying, or at the very least dramatically reduce it.   Worry gives us a false sense of control when we are uncertain about someone or something. When faced with the unknown, worrying is often the default habit we slip into as it gives us a way to seemingly deal with whatever our concern is. In today’s episode, Christine breaks down worry for you and teaches you a technique that you can start using today to transform from worrywart to dream manifestor!

Nov 18, 2015

Our caller today is Sha who is a millennial. Millennials are today’s 20 and early 30 somethings. Many millennials are unjustly thought to be narcissistic, entitled and said to have no work ethic.

Sha is experiencing residue from having many of her decisions made for her during her adolescence. And it’s not just Sha who is confronting these issues; many millennials feel the effects of over-parenting and the accompanying pressures that linger from missing out on important developmental stages.

Sha and I uncover her validation issues and examine her inability to stick to a routine. She becomes aware of her past programming and I offer her tools to assist her in reprogramming herself. One important tool is to understand that what she wants to hear from others is what she actually wants to hear from herself.

We also explore ways to relieve anxiety and self-trust issues through being in the present.

After the coaching session, I offer a special guided meditation; so go to a quiet place where you can close your eyes and get serene with me.

Consider/Ask Yourself:
Do you have trouble making decisions?
Do you consult multiple people before you make a choice?
Is it hard for you to stick with a routine or stay disciplined?
Do you have a hard time quieting your mind?

Sha’s Question:
Sha finds it hard to make decisions and is having trouble relaxing.

Sha’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● She was peacocking all the time
● She wasn’t seeing herself
● She may have missed out on fundamental developmental stages
● She has difficulty with discipline and routines
● She doesn’t trust herself

How to get over it and on with it:
● Practice telling yourself “be here now”
● Repair yourself by giving yourself the developmental stages you didn’t have
● Take actions to support autonomy and decision making
● Add some routines to your life
● Start making decisions

Tools and Takeaways:
● Validation seekers should write a list of everything they want to hear from others and say these things to themselves
● Make a solo decision making challenge
● Write out a routine for yourself. Have one commitment every morning and one commitment every evening
● Start a meditation practice


Christine Hassler

The Solo-Decision Making Challenge

Christine's Meditation Rx CD


Nov 14, 2015

In this coaches corner Christine discusses whether or not it’s possible to change someone else.  Consider: Is there someone in your life you really hope will change? Do you find yourself taking on the responsibility for other people’s transformation? Do you even get annoyed when you see someone you care about not living into the potential you see in them? Christine explains why we are tempted to change others and teaches you how to let go of expectations of other people. You will learn that it is not your job or your right to save anyone along with some tips on how you actually can make an impact on the lives of others.

Nov 11, 2015

This episode will support you in getting through and to the other side of any kind of loss. My coaching call with Regina today uncovers the challenges she is having with grief over the loss of her husband. She says she regrets not being the best mother in the world and not living the life she wanted to live. She’s is questioning her purpose and experiencing quite a bit of apathy in her life.

Regina experiences an “aha” when she realizes she is able to create the positive future she desires.

Take note of Regina’s tone of voice before my coaching as she describes beating herself up and then again after we discuss her ability to practice self-love.

Regina shared her progress with me in an email after our session. She writes “I’ve started forgiving myself and when I find myself in a negative thought I stop and think “this isn’t self-love”.

It’s a reminder to all of us to live, not just exist. Find something you want to live for, even it seems silly and give yourself permission to love.


Consider/Ask Yourself:
Have you recently been through a loss and can’t seem to move on?
Have you been through a loss and are aware you need time to grieve?
Do you tend to look back on your life and wish you could have done things differently?
Are you at a point in your life where you are just existing and need to start living again?

Regina’s Question:
Regina would like to move past her sadness and regret of not living the life she wanted.

Regina’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● There is a part of her that doesn’t want to “be” anymore
● She doesn’t believe we get more than one love in our lives
● She beats herself up a lot
● She knows if she could create a negative story for herself she is capable of creating a positive story too

How to get over it and on with it:
● Make a choice to start creating a future which is enlivening
● Give yourself permission to live
● Speak to yourself like a loving mother would to a child
● Write out some promises you will keep to yourself

Tools and Takeaways:
● Practice self-love
● Consider that loved ones who have transitioned are angels and guides in your life
● Accept that you did the best you could with the tools you had at the time


Nov 11, 2015

Hi and welcome back to my over and on with it podcast. I’m recording today from my home state of Texas. I love being here and spending time with my family, especially my two nephews. They live in a realm of never-ending possibilities and abundant curiosity. It’s refreshing.

Our call today is from Maya. Maya wonders if she should use her proven brute force tactics to manifest her dreams, but she understands it might not be the way to manifest this one.

Realizing that the mind doesn’t know the difference between a well-imagined thought and reality can help Maya start manifesting her dream right now. If she aligns her vibrations to her desires she will start to make choices which pull her closer to her dream.

So, how do we pursue our dreams and not get disappointed? How do we not experience an Expectation Hangover?

If we pursue our dreams with high involvement and high intention, but low attachment we are not overly disappointed when our dreams don’t manifest in the manner we thought they would. This allows us to follow our dreams without being afraid of being let down.

A good example of someone who aligns themselves vibrationally to what they desire is Jill. Jill is the amazing person who coordinates all of my retreats. She has a special place in her heart for Taylor Swift. She loves her. Jill has manifested concert tickets and opportunities to see Taylor Swift because she believes she can, almost as if it’s magic.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:
Are you longing to go down a non-traditional path?
What is the first step towards your goal?
Is there an experience you would like to have, but not sure how to make it happen?
Are you downgrading your dreams because you’re afraid to be let down?

Maya’s Question:
Maya has a vision for her life but believes she is going down an uncharted path. She would like to manifest being in the pope’s presence. She wonders if she should use brute force to make things happen or should she go with the flow.

Maya’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● She may be attached to certain aspects of her dream
● She should make choices which keep her vibrational alignment
● She needs to think about how she would feel in her manifestation

How to get over it and on with it:
● Ask your inner knowing what your first step is
● Focus on the essence of the manifestation
● Visualize yourself experiencing the moment

Tools and Takeaways:
● Do positive projection work to create the conditions to get what you want in your world
● Record a voice memo of the experience you would like to have and listen to it every day


Nov 6, 2015

In this Coaches Corner episode, Christine guides you through a step-by-step process get over betrayal and on with your life!! Betrayal is one of the human experiences that can be so painful and hard to understand. It hurts when you feel lied to or when someone you thought you could trust shows you something different. When we feel betrayed or like our trust is broken, it’s natural to want to hang on to the anger, resentment, blame and “how could she” or “I can’t believe he” thoughts. But this keeps us in victim consciousness and only perpetuates our suffering.  Listen to learn how to get over it and on with it!

Nov 4, 2015

Do you know that every challenge you face presents an amazing opportunity for healing and growth? That is why I am so passionate about Expectation Hangovers - because they are doorways to transformation.

We do not want to relate to Expectation Hangovers as victims because it prevents us from leveraging the learnings! Disappointment happens FOR you, not TO you.

Expectation Hangovers teach us:
1. Control is an illusion
2. Our comfort zone is a trap
3. True fulfillment comes from inside
4. The Universe does not punish us

My call with Nadine is about overcoming the Expectation Hangover of a job loss and breakup We explore why we put pressure on ourselves to not make mistakes and how our past is able to influence us even though we may not recognize it.

Remember, if you point your compass towards spirituality and honor your feelings, you can use your soul’s inner wisdom to learn to love and to heal yourself. The door of opportunity exists for you to heal and transform after you experience an Expectation Hangover.

Consider/Ask Yourself:
What am I learning?
What am I healing?
What is my outer experience teaching me about my inner reality?
Can I relate to putting a lot of pressure on myself?
Do I think there is something I need to do to be loved or worthy?
Do I have negative self-talk which perpetuates high expectations of myself?

Nadine’s Question:
In February, Nadine was working her dream job and she had the perfect man. Now four months later, she finds herself in a new job she is not interested in and her man left.

Nadine’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● She may be looking at herself as a home improvement project
● She engages in negative self-talk
● She has the same relationship over and over again
● Her childhood is not her fault

How to get over it and on with it:
● Ask your inner counselor what am I learning
● Ask yourself “in order to be loved I need to”
● What would you say to yourself as a child?
● Take a deep dive into your spiritual practice

Tools and Takeaways:
● Spend some time single and fall in love with yourself
● Write down “In order to be loved, I need” and then finish the sentence
● Talk to your younger self and reassure them
● Practice self-care by nurturing yourself
● Allow yourself to feel your own emotions with compassion
● Understand you are not broken and become who you truly want to be



Nov 4, 2015

This call is for all you do-ers and over-achievers out there.

We find ourselves in a time in which we wear our busyness like a badge of honor. We define ourselves by what we do. And when something we define ourselves by, such as a job, goes away we find ourselves with an Expectation Hangover.

An Expectation Hangover is disappointment. It’s when one of three things happen:
1.) Something doesn’t turn out like we planned
2.) Something does turn out like we planned, but we don’t get the feeling we thought we would have
3.) Life just throws us an unexpected curveball

My coaching session with Lisa today uncovers her Expectation Hangover as a huge opportunity for her to just be.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:
Can you relate to being busy all the time?
Do you often use busyness as a distraction?
Do you panic during times when you aren’t busy?
Do you have a busy life, but not a fulfilled life?
Is it challenging to receive loving support, including financial support from a family member?
Are you paying attention to all the things which are going right for you when you experience an expectation hangover?

Lisa’s Question:
Lisa feels she has accomplished a great deal this year. She completed her MBA, got married and will soon be moving to a new city. During her job search, she is encountering some rejection and the disappointment that goes along with it.

Lisa’s Key Insights and Aha’s:
● She kept herself busy as a distraction
● She relies on herself too much
● She doesn’t have to handle so many things on her own
● She has her worthiness attached to having a job

How to get over it and on with it:
● Ask yourself what am I learning during this expectation hangover?
● Surround yourself with your soul friends and family
● Give yourself full permission to relax and let go
● Break up with the idea that you are what you do
● Press pause on the goal line and re-orient yourself to the soul line

Tools and Takeaways:
● Give yourself permission to stop chasing results
● Get a copy of Expectation Hangover and work through the exercises and guided meditations
● Ask someone for support
● Take some quiet time for yourself
● Make an agreement with yourself to just be


Christine Hassler


Oct 28, 2015

We can want to do things in life but just wanting is not enough.  Are you committed to really taking the steps to get there?   Difference makers have commitment and discipline. Passion is not enough. If you feel stuck, invest in yourself, take risks and learn to be comfortable with uncertainty. One thing we need to commit to is shifting our internal states and stories, which means updating our beliefs to get into alignment with what we want. Remember, our outside world is a reflection of our inside world. In this call with Gail, she is at a crossroads when she is thinking of leaving a more analytical job to pursue a more creative path.  She is  getting mixed messages and whether “just follow your passion” is good advice for her to follow. We cover those topics in the call along with a conversation about how her logical mind is an obstacle – and how to make it more of an ally. Please keep your comments and questions coming. It’s so exciting to connect with you.   Consider/Ask Yourself: Does your logical and reasonable mind get in the way of hearing your intuition? Do you think you have to know all the steps of your plan before you can take a step? Are you confused about the messages the universe is sending? Do you feel too “in your head” most of the time? Would you say your inside world is the reflection you want to project to the outside world? Do you feel you are in vibrational alignment with that which you want to attract?    Gail’s Question: Gail recently left her corporate job and wants to move into a more creative role. But she feels like she is getting mixed messages from the universe. She asks for Christine’s insight.   Gail’s Key Insights and Aha’s: ● Gail needs to trust her creative skills ● Her energy shifts when she talks about her desired career ● She needs to satiate her creative hunger ● Understanding she’s on a journey ● She needs to feel the vibration within herself How to get over it and on with it: ● Get in vibrational alignment ● Give yourself permission to explore ● Self-acknowledge and connect yourself to the passion ● Feel into things instead of figuring them out Tools and Takeaways: ● Give yourself permission to pursue something you are passionate about ● Practice vibrational manifesting ● Get in to your creative ● Ask for support along your journey in the form of prayer Resources: Association of Transformational Leaders Christine Hassler

Oct 28, 2015

If you’ve ever had challenges with other people in your life, especially parents, you will identify with this episode. On some level, we choose our parents to be our spiritual teachers. Being close becomes complicated as we transition from being a child to being an adult.  Listen in as Jessica is feeling conflicted between wanting to live her own life and wanting her parents approval.   Consider/Ask Yourself: Can you relate to wanting to please people you love? Do you feel obligated to do what your parents want from you? Do you feel guilty if you don’t do what is expected of you?   Jessica’s Question: Jessica’s conservative parents get mad, impose guilt trips and cause her stress when she talks about her boyfriend, who has a daughter. She would like insights on how to hold on to her relationship and respect her parents feelings.   Jessica’s Key Insights and Aha’s: ● It’s her time to have a relationship ● She allows her parents to emotionally manipulate her How to get over it and on with it: ● Be ok with your parents not being ok with your life ● Don’t be ruled by fear ● Take a break - try a 30-day hiatus ● Be clear about what you are willing to do for relationships ● Send your parents love and light ● Take responsibility for your own inner experience Tools and Takeaways: ● Keep a picture of your loved ones and send them love and light every day ● During meditation have your higher-self speak with their higher-self ● Keep choosing love Resources: Christine Hassler @christinhassler

Oct 28, 2015

I know an area many of you dream about has to do with your finding your purpose and serving others.  You may also long for more freedom. Freedom not only to do something you love, but also have the money and time to spend more time with people you love.  This is the dream of today’s caller, Mike.   . His constant search of products and materials lead him to believe his next steps need to come from outside himself. We discuss how he may be stalling by continuing to do research instead of listening to his internal inspiration and moving forward.  I help Mike realize what his dream truly may be . . . . Often when we feel dreams and longings in our hearts as part psychic ability we all have. We somehow know fulfillment is coming, like a premonition. We just don’t know when. And, even though we may want it now our dreams take time to evolve.   Consider/Ask Yourself: What heartfelt dreams are calling you forward? Do you have a sense of what you want to do but not taking action? Do you start many things but not follow through? Are you waiting for some kind of answer or sign from the universe? Are you stalling and calling it research?   Caller’s Question: Mike, a self-proclaimed product junkie, has a dream of having a home based business.  He lacks confidence in his decision-making process and would like to break his cycle of never moving forward. Key Insights and Aha’s: ● Mike could be the product and sell himself ● He could inspire other people ● He should let his inspiration drive his next steps How to get over it and on with it: ● Ask yourself the question as if it was someone else coming to you for guidance ● Don’t let your head get in the way ● Let God use you as an instrument ● Meditate and recognize your unique gifts ● Start with the big vision and work backwards Tools and Takeaways: ● Write a life experience resume ● Re-orient towards an internal direction, try it for 30 days ●Answer these questions: Who am I here to serve What can I offer How can I deliver it Resources: Christine Hassler Secret Sauce Mastermind  

Oct 22, 2015

When Eileen called she said she wanted to move past the breakup of a 3-year relationship. The relationship ended abruptly and she was still searching for closure from the other person. Knowing the purpose of any relationship is for healing and growth, and not happily ever after, we worked through the issue based relationship Eileen had and what the relationship may have taught her about herself. Listen in as Eileen discovers herself in the present and works to nurture her inside reality. Consider/Ask Yourself:

Are there any unresolved hurts from previous relationships you are carrying around?

Can you see how you have drawn romantic relationships in to help fill a void?

Do you feel like you can’t move forward in life because you are stuck in the past? Eileen’s Question:

Eileen is ready to move on from a past relationship but doesn’t know what steps to take. She also is seeking closure with the other person, she didn’t feel she received when the relationship ended abruptly. Eileen’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

● She doesn’t trust herself with making decisions

● Certain qualities eroded during her relationship

● She felt somewhat addicted to the relationship

● Her past life includes a pattern of chasing love

How to get over it and on with it:

● Recognize your soul is ready to heal past issues

● Let go of any belief that the relationship could have worked out

● Reassure your younger self there is nothing she has to do to earn love

● Never underestimate the power of doing the invisible, internal things Tools and Takeaways:

● Write a letter and start with Dear Name,

 ○ I’m saying goodbye because ...

 ○ I learned ...

 ○ I forgive you for ...

 ○ I forgive myself for ...

 ○ Thank you for ...

● Write a letter to reassure your younger self

● Commit to 40 days of connection/forgiveness work

● Acknowledging your growth and your blessings   Resources: Christine Hassler @christinhassler

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